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Workshop Details

Student Academic Records at Drexel: Everything You Need to Know!

W.W. Hagerty Library
Room L33
Wednesday, Oct 16 at 10:00am

This workshop provides an overview of Drexel’s Records Management Policy with a focus on how it relates to student records.  It will cover policy basics such as how and where records must be kept, working with electronic records, how long to keep records, and basic FERPA regulations.  We will also review the types of records kept at the departmental level, and which records should be sent to the University Registrar’s Office.  Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of record-keeping requirements for student records and best practices for managing student records at the departmental level.  This workshop is recommended for staff who work with student academic records on a regular basis.

Learning Goals

  • Attain basic familiarity with Drexel’ Records Management Policy.
  • Develop the ability to use Drexel’s records retention schedules.
  • Know where to find information on the policy and retention schedules and who to ask for help.
  • Understand which records should be kept in the college or department, and which should be sent to the registrar.
  • Learn requirements for keeping records electronically, and how to get started with paperless record-keeping.

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