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Tutorial: Using Electronic Resources


How do I access electronic resources from off-campus?

Access to e-resources are restricted, by contractual agreement, to members of the Drexel community. Drexel faculty, staff, and students can access library resources either through the DrexelOne Library Channel or directly from the Libraries' web site.

See the Off-campus Access page for further instructions on accessing Drexel's Library Resources from off-campus.


How do I find out if the library has the specific journal I need?

Search for print and electronic journals available through the libraries using the Catalog and e-journal lists. For additional help, consult Finding Full Text from Citations.


How do I open or view a downloaded file with a '.pdf' file extension?

Adobe created the Portable Document Format (PDF) which accurately displays text, tables and graphics. Viewing these files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer.


How do I open or view a downloaded file with a '.ps' file extension?

Files with a '.ps' extension are PostScript files. This format is used to ensure inclusion of charts, graphics, etc. Usually, these files are sent directly to a laser printer, creating a hard copy of the file. (PostScript is a page formatting language. Many laser printers have interpreters for PostScript.) Here are descriptions of your options:

OPTION ONE: Print only

FOR WINDOWS: The PrintFile utility is a freeware program that allows PostScript documents to be sent directly to a printer. Using a simple interface, select the PostScript file to be printed and PrintFile will send that file to the printer. Obtain PrintFile programs at

FOR MAC: The DropPS utility is also a freeware program that allows PostScript documents to be sent directly to a printer. Drop and drag the PostScript file to be printed on to the DropPS icon and DropPS will send the file to the printer. OBtain DropPS at

OPTION TWO: View and print

View or print a .ps file using GSView, a freeware software package that uses GhostScript, a PostScript interpreter which displays postscript on-screen (somewhat similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader.) Displayed text is not as smooth as a word processing document (it's more a picture of text) but it is readable and can be printed from the program. Obtain the GSView program at:

The installer will install both the GhostScript package and the GSView program; restart after installation. Note: keep the installation default settings, as the program fails using file paths containing spaces. (i.e., Don't change the default installation directory from 'C:gstools' to "C:Program Files" for example.) [Seen on using a search on 'postscript.' GhostView is available for several platforms: Windows, Mac, etc.]

Are there limits on how I can use electronic resources?

Yes; use of electronic resources is governed by copyright law, and by licensing agreements.  Please see Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources for more information.


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